AD8 breaks critical resistance at 6.30

AD8 breaks critical resistance at 6.30 but faces another challenge at the 7.00 mark.
Share prices broke through critical resistance at 6.30 with a high volume in yesterday's session but looked like it's going to face another challenge at the resistance level around the 7.00 mark, which was an active point where prices failed to continue June 2020.

Share prices need to break and hold above 7.00 to continue to the next target at around 8.15-8.43; if it fails, then expect to see prices fluctuate around 7.00 to 6.00, which could be an opportunity to buy at a lower price range
The current critical support and resistance estimates on the price chart are based on my indicator, predicting future price movements based on price action.

Critical support level estimates - 6.75, 6.47, 6.30, 6.00, and 5.85

Critical resistance level estimates - 7.00, 7.31, 7.60, 7.87, 8.18, and 8.43