Cardano Long-term, Weekly Chart (275% or 2095%?)

BINANCE:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
We looked at Cardano ( ADABTC ) multiple times with high expectations, the signals were strong and clear and we predicted a bullish breakout... This is happening now, here is the daily chart:
We can see big volume bars starting to show up and prices gaining momentum with bullish indicators.

When we look at the weekly chart up close, we can see good potential and also the fact that ADABTC is trading at its lows... Bottomed out basically, just moved pass EMA10, the initial barrier/resistance to break for the bulls to take control.

But if we go further back, we can see up to 2097% potential profits to ATH:
On the next bull run for the altcoins market, we are likely to see new ATH that are many times higher than the last one.

Just as we can hit new lows in a bear market, we can also hit new highs when the bull market enters the bull run phase... This is only a small part of the whole bull market cycle, but it is always a frenzy and many opportunities open every day... Stay tuned, read up, prepare, buy-up and wait...

Patience is key is what we always say.


ADABTC (+22%) | Chart analysis ADABTC

ADAH20 (+249%) | Public, Cardano with leverage on BitMEX.
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thanks ... but when ?
@Zivul33, Thanks for sharing.
400 satoshi 1404 satoshi no
@mbpump, Please elaborate.
Thank you alan, thank you so much
Do you still think about btt as previous? Bullish???
AlanSantana bf331c8e1f0d4a8b8ce019b4cfab7e
@bf331c8e1f0d4a8b8ce019b4cfab7e, Yes. I see BTT as bottomed out (BTTBTC).

You can accumulate as much as you want for great gains in 2020.
Osmy AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, dont gou think that most of the coins allready bottomed out, and that the current most safe trade is in bitcoin. To prevent having bags and a bloodbath when btc rises
Osmy Osmy
@Osmy, or do you think that we have more room to grow with the alts before that happen. Maybe before the halving that this is like a mini altseason sorta thing?