ADA / USD Main trend (part). Chalice (Phase 4) Psychology

BINANCE:ADAUSD   Cardano / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
I made a specially line chart and to capture a large time period to show the main trend (part of the trend). Everywhere on the coins that are pumped at a very large percentage for mysterious, but logical reasons, the history of the chart disappears. The Binance chart is not the first exchange to start trading this coin.

Before the first pumping in 2017 and super-draining, the coin was traded at $ 0.02, then it was pumped at $ 1.2, and the "promising technology coin" depreciated almost to the previous values ​​of $ 0.03. Just think about -99% of your deposit in 1.6 years!

Further, the position before this hype was recruited in the range of 0.03 -0.04 dollars. Why am I describing this? And then, so that you are not fools and buy when there is an accumulation of position by large market participants.

At the moment, with an average accumulation price of more than + 3000%. It doesn't matter here whether the price rises or not. The very fact of the behavior of the masses is important.

Now, for example, you should not buy on this instrument (it does not matter if it grows or not), but sell, or if you know how to trade, increase your position (by trading, and not "topping up" money) if you are sure of further growth. Do not get attached to the "crypto wrapper" if you do not know how to work in a trend and thereby increase your position.

All values on the price chart are extremely accurate.

Pay attention to the price lows and highs on the candlestick chart, the numerical values of the levels and the percentages between them. A line chart (trend direction without noise) will not show this.

A large cup has formed 3374.41%. At the moment, its 4th phase. An attempt to gain a foothold above the resistance of the cup (the highs of the previous madness hype). In the resistance zone of the large bowl, a horizontal channel of 52.42% was formed. At the moment there are attempts to break it out 1.72

ADA / USD Channel 52.42% Resistance 1.318 Breakout attempt 1.72

Fixation above this resistance at 1.318 will mean continued growth. Objectives on the chart.

Not fixing the price above this resistance will give the potential to form a "Cup with a handle" formation. Rollback to the zone of the rising line of the secondary trend. In case of confirmation of support, working out already in the growth of the cup-with-handle formation, the goals are approximately the same.

If this uptrend (green) price breaks out and consolidates below it, then you need to look for new entry points until the trend levels out.
Comment: + 63% from the breakout of the horizontal local channel. The trend is developing.
Comment: +140%
Comment: +200% to the zones of levels 2.82 - 3.22 (gematria sense), from this zone rollback.
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