Cardano (ADA) Bullrun

BITTREX:ADAUSD   Cardano / US Dollar
It seems like the entire cryptocurrency market has went through a healthy correction. It seems like Bitcoin has very strong support and has not broken $9,000 yet. If 2017 repeats, that means the entire market will flourish WITH Bitcoin . Some believe that once Bitcoin takes off, altcoins will fall. But, looking at the 2017 bullrun, you can see that was not true. At least not true for the top 20-cryptocurrencies. So, what do we have here with ADA?

There is no guarantee that ADA will fall to $0.39, it may take off at anytime.



Looks like this to me. Would draw the descending wedge thinner
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@Flooki, I had a similar chart on ADABTC, and now show it out of that wedge/
@Flooki, ADA very well could continue to fall, $0.039 is very realisitic, specially if Bitcoin dumps. But if it continues sideways and breaks the wedge, it could take off. Heading towards $0.06, than higher.
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Flooki WorldEconomics
@WorldEconomics, then you just change the top resistance a bit and u get the right chart.
aged well
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hello BankofEngland,

looking back to your prediction, I feel like you are pretty close of the last 2-month period, well done !

would review it for the next 2-month period, until january ? if so, what's your view ?

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Spot on till now.

Now time for lift off
Check xlm please