Cardano (ADA) has proven itself a stable cryptocurrency

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In comparison with many other cryptocurrencies in the market, Cardano (ADA) has proven itself a stable cryptocurrency over the past few months. The team behind is doing progress to help the coin reach its full potential. The coin has not reached its full potential but it does not mean that it has not made some progress recently. It mentioned in the newsletters by the team and contain clear details of their achievements and their plan for the next quarter of the year.
It is perfect time to purchase the coin cuz it may even sell as high as $1 again. If everything happens according to plan, ADA will be one of the cryptocurrencies you would wish you had in your portfolio. One of the most significant achievements of the team is the introduction of a new paper wallet, which is more advanced than the previous version making it safer and more efficient to use. The most important thing is a wallet to have your coins in a safe place. As an investor, you need a secure place to keep your coins. The new Cardano wallet will boost its credibility as it makes investors more likely to buy the coin. With these factors and more combined, Cardano believers believe that a break in price in on the way and the coin might sell as high as $10 next year.


a stable currency ? Are you serious bro ?
it has been in a serious downturn, not steady at all during the bear months.
The project and promises are great, but for the moment the coin is being crushed hard as Bitcoin bubble is exploding, like most of other coins.
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and we are creating new lows right now, I think we have different definition for the word "stable"