ADA/USD bang on target!

KRAKEN:ADAUSD   Cardano / U. S. Dollar
Our ADA call yesterday hit the first TP on the head exactly!

Check my previous post on ADA

Congratulations everyone that followed the call

I hope you have all taken your profits.

We are in a volatile market so taking profit is key.

A like would be much appreciated.

Weldone again.


Lovely mate !
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Thanks Ryekar, I’ve taken sone profit at 0.26 and now have will load up again hopefully around 0.19500 mark . I’m thinking it a going to rest this area during a btc dip.
Ryecatcher nad1973
@nad1973 pleasure, always check multiple time frames and look back to see the drops on altcoins when btc dips. it can give u an idea of the size of a future dip. History doesn't always repeat itself but it usually rhymes.
I'd wait for a retest of the 20 ema or at least DCA on any dip, BTC rules the party in crypto and any dump on btc will give you a major chance to fill your bags.
Hi , I’m looking to buy more ADA, looking at the charts what do you think would be a nice entry point now?
thanks my man