Is ADA on the way to 3.7$ or 2.5$?

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Cardano / US Dollar

ADA has formed an ascending Triangle! This Bullish Pattern has the Potential to Increase The Price of ADA to 3.6 ( AB=CD ) But there is another matter that We must pay attention to as well! as you can see there is a Regular Bearish Divergence on RSI Indicator. which means there is a High chance That ADA couldn't break This Pattern Upwardly. we just have to wait a Little Bit For confirmation! If ADA couldn't manage to Break The Triangle Upwardly, The price shall fall back to 2.5$ but if the Upward break out happens we can be sure that CARDANO will reach 3.7$!

-ADA is in an ascending Triangle
-The price can Increase to 3.7$ if It manages to do the Break out!
-(-RD) might be able to Decrease the Price to 2.5$
- the break out which will happen soon will determine which way the Price will Go!


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