ADAUSDT: Please Be Mindful of a Potential Shakeout

BINANCE:ADAUSDT   Cardano / TetherUS
Hi Everyone! I pointed out what to look for in this video if we are to avoid a shakeout; by the red rsi and blue lsma BOTH getting ABOVE level 50 in the 30-minute, 60-minute, 90-minute and 2-hour. However, it's the blue lsma in the 3-hour and 4-hour that have me wondering if the red rsi and blue lsma BOTH get ABOVE Level 50 in the 30-minute, 60--minute, 90-minute and 2-hour. It's very possible to see a shakeout down to the White/Aqua LOWER B-Bands in the 4-Day TF if we do see a shakeout. That's to put a TARGET RANGE on it if we see one.

If you are already in a short and have been for quite some time; what you would be looking at the same time frames to determine if you are to keep your short open; take partial profit at a particular time or close the trade all together at some point.

The main purpose of this publication is simply to make everyone AWARE of the potential for a shakeout still being there.

Happy Trading and Stay Awesome!

Comment: UPDATE:

TO BE CLEAR: I'm NOT saying we WILL see a shakeout. I pointed out in the video what would increase the odds of us seeing a shakeout and what would decrease the odds of a shakeout. It will simply take time to play out to determine what will be the case.
Comment: UPDATE:

4-Day White/Aqua LOWER B-Bands would be the "Target Range" IF we are to have a "Shakeout."

You see the PRICE LEVEL of each B-Band to the right; as a "Flag" from the "Price Column."

Comment: UPDATE:

If we were only using straight fibonacci, we would say one of these two FIB's: 3.618 to 4.618 FIB extension ranges. Not enough history (like bitcoin) to look for potential patterns.

Big day tomorrow (Monday) to go LIVE with the website. Stay Awesome! ;)

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