ADAUSD: Upward Pressure Continues if 24-hour RSI Closes Above 50

BINANCE:ADAUSDT   Cardano / TetherUS
Hi Everyone! Upward Pressure CONTINUES if the Red RSI in the 24-hour closes ABOVE Level 50 before the White Energy in the 12-hour can close BELOW Level 50. This is explained in the video...

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8-hour time frame.
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I'm about to get a bite to eat... then plan to do a video focusing on the 24hour and 2-Day time frame.

24-hour TF - November 9, 2020 (Left)
24-hour TF - Present Day (Left of Center)
2-Day TF - November 8, 2020 (Right of Center)
2-Day TF - Present Day (Right)

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See when the Green EMA was "UP" in this Weekly (back in history) and the Red RSI appeared ready to make contact with the Green EMA "while" the Green EMA is going up to indicate upward pressure. """Be sure to read and look at the next screen shot..."""

Later we see the Weekly candle (back in history) did not "CLOSE" with the Green EMA "UP" for the Red RSI to make contact. The Blue LSMA was approaching Level 80 and the B-Bands will CONTRACT more with price action likely going DOWN with contraction.

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NOTE: The Green EMA is currently "higher" Level than the Red RSI, which means the Red RSI is currently making contact with the Green EMA "while" the Green EMA is going "UP" to indicate upward pressure. HOWEVER, this Weekly candle has NOT "closed" yet.

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3-hour time frame:

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