ADAUSDT 30 OCTOBER 2021 1640hrs

BINANCE:ADAUSDT   Cardano / TetherUS
Getting pretty low but the background isnt showing a lot of large buying. However, the supply pressure is also dropping so its possible that once it clears the remainding weak hands we may see another mark-up attempt.

Will see if we can pinpoint any potential reversal. I like catching reversals. Its something that I do a lot. I like being a winner. I dont like being a loser. Being a loser gets you nowhere.

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Sources of education:
Richard Wyckoff
Tom Williams Volume spread analysis VSA / Master the Markets
Pete Faders VSA*
Sam Seiden ( supply and demand )
Read the ticker dot com
Wyckoff analytics
Element 15 trades (bitchute/odessy)

Avoid buying into weakness/supply/resistance
Avoid selling into strength/demand/support
Avoid entry when price is in middle of a range (phase B)