Cardano, ADA - a clear setup for a long position🔥

BINANCE:ADAUSDT   Cardano / TetherUS
We have a clear support line and a clear key level of 1,4640. Price made a trap and continue to squeeze the level. Everything looks like we will make a breakout. If it happens, I'll open a position after retest.

Write in the comments all your questions and instruments analysis of which you want to see.

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P.S. I personally will open entry if the price will show it according to my strategy.
Always make your analysis before a trade
Comment: Waiting for the scenario to develop
Comment: Price did not enter the buy zone, I did not open the trade
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Explain the word retest to those who don’t know is it daily lose above a 1h ...?
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you are a gem
really nice to see your charts and videos
keep it up.
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👍 sure it will retest after breakout?
im agree ..👍🏻
Been following the same pattern for a while, after this you reckon it will go to 1.90 straight away?
Nice chart i’m seeing the same on ADA
Hey @Yuriy_Bishko , what do you think of the symmetrical triangle distribution at the top the brake of this type of distribution is new low, you have 3 High now and 2 lows as of now and I expect on the 3rd the support to fail your thoughts? Timeframe 2h tops 1st 1.48, 2nd 1.45, 3rd 1.43....my current view is drop to LS at 1.36...
sir please any update about hbar
Seems like the target is invalid