ADAUSDT: Increased Odds for Price Rising to 57 to 60 Cent Range

BINANCE:ADAUSDT   Cardano / TetherUS
Hi Everyone! A quick 3.5 minute update on Cardano . Looks like odds are increasing to at least go to within proximity of the yellow B-Band Basis the NEXT 24-hour candle. Can go higher. Watch for bull trap. We still have a lot of work to do with the Blue Line in the 2-Day. If scalping, consider taking profits when appropriate.

Thanks for your TIME considering my opiinion.

Stay Awesome!

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ADAUSD 4-Day time frame:
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By the way, look at the current percentage spread between the white lower and aqua lower b-bands in the 4-day time frame.
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I thought we might begin going up the white lower b-band in the current 2-day candle. We may have to wait for the next 2-Day candle to begin; when the next 4-Day candle also begins.
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6-hour for ADAUSD is quite similar to 6-hour BTCUSD:

ADAUSD 6-Hour:
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Those of you trading cardano who have not looked at BTCUSD 6-hour; here is BTCUSD 6-hour to see they are similar...

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