My Trading Mantra: "Follow the Money "

NASDAQ:AFRM   Affirm Holdings, Inc
I believe one of the best indicators to watch is Volume Price..!
You should try to invest where money flows in..!
In trading and investing your mantra should always be: Follow the money..!
I believe stock prices only go up when there are fresh players who bring money to the play, regardless of the quality of the underlying asset!
One of the most important duties you have as a trader or investor is to monitor the money flow in the market to find out emerging opportunities!

I have picked 3 Stocks with a +100% gain since August, let's review them

My best-performing picks since August:

-1 UPST: +150% gain since August 2nd when I published my analysis at 131.65

2- AFRM: +125% gain since August 2nd when I published my analysis at 64.71

3- DATS: +100% gain since October 6 when I published analysis at 8.16

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