AGE: Age Reversal Technology in Human Cells

AMEX:AGE   AgeX Therapeutics, Inc.
To General People
The same genes responsible for regrowing new limbs after amputation of a salamander exist in your body right now. It's turned off after a few days during fetal development and replaced with the scar gene, a possible vascular survival mechanism of mammalian evolution. Leonard Hayflick limit shows death is inevitable via cell division into apoptosis after a reliable number of divisions 50-150+. Mathematicians have concluded the balance between immortality and cancer renders immortality impossible in that if you could live forever you would still get cancer. Of all of the defeating dogmas we are faced with as mortal humans - It is proven for certain that it is absolutely possible to reverse the age and freezing the age of a human cell in a petri dish. However, Inducing this edit into a living adult is unknown due to high complexity. This company AgeX "AGE" aims to use the same genes have to create cellular repair in vivo adult that is witness ex vivo in the petri dish, not for amputation but for or correction of accumulated damage (age reversal). The chief scientist within this company have over 20-30+ years experience and work with historical cell biologist. Any attempt to achieve the impossible through science has been met with skepticism. The only difference is no one will have the last laugh if this company fails - we were all going to die anyway ;)
I'm personally infatuated with this company and the scientist behind it I would've donated. Just seeing them on the NYSE is incredible present to us all. If your skeptical your not alone, join the club, probably 99%. Harvard Phd's have been working on this for years and are running gene edit trials for humans by 2021. I find this subject to be more well received in the highest levels of Cell Biology academia versus the rest of us, which will have you question your own dogmatic reflexes versus titans of the subject, respect for the majority intellect, the misdirection of money, and your own mortality.

To a Dumb Ass
Get ready! There is nothing you can do to stop death! ... Well besides invest in the only scientist on the planet that have proven they have seen it stopped in a petri dish and would like money to prove it in humans.
If you had $200 billion dollars would you trade it all to live in a fit healthy 21 year old body indefinitely (barring getting hit by a bus). No? I think Bezos would. I know I would.
Vitality is more valuable than money.

To Anonymous Infinitely Wise Bloggers
Quick rebuttal: quoting the ancients in your blog on their desire for immortality doesn't make you wise. There is something new under the sun. It's called technology. Go read the all bloggers that write against this stuff. They all start their tired point off with "back 10,000 years ago Sun Tzu Wong tried to blahblahblah nothing new under the sun people wampwamp" . How about the atomic bomb dude? Is that new? were about 20 years away from that being ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO. Were living in the future put your old man logic down and get used to it - or better yet get a Phd at Harvard and then I'll take you more serious - stay in your lane, no one takes you serious.
I can show you a million guys like you laughing at $3 bitcoin in 2011 referencing "theres nothing new under the sun".

Good references George Church Harvard's Stealth Aging Project.
Michael West
Aubrey Degrey
Bill Andrews
Insilico Medicine
There are many more.


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