AGQ - Lose a thousand or make a million🍒💰

AMEX:AGQ   ProShares Ultra Silver
My favorite ETF to buy.

Why buy Gold at almost record all time highs?
Why trade Silver futures with a high leverage that can bit me in the ass in a single day?

I prefer to buy the ETF and trade it like a share✔️, thus no expiry on a CFD✔️, no huge leverage✔️, no expiry means i do the broker no favors✔️

For this trade alone I have an account on a broker just for this one, yes only this trade. I deposited an amount I can lose without crying and I do 2 things:

I buy it and I compound the profits.

If Silver goes to 50 again then this should go to 700s again like it did 10 years ago.

If that happens, the broker will be in pain. My favorite people to hurt (financially) is the brokers.. as you all they can afford it.

Risk to reward with a leverage of 5 and compounding is 300 to 1. I take this trade 20 times if I have to (this is actually attempt number 3😉)

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