AGRI AgriFORCE Growing Systems Price Target

NASDAQ:AGRI   AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd
AGRI was listed on July 7th, at a public offering price of $5.00 per unit. Now the price is only 3.04usd!!!

Shares Float is low, 12.05Mil

AGRI has signed a letter of intent to acquire a leading AgTech European consultancy.

AgTech consultancy had 2020 annual consulting audited revenues of over US$26 million and EBITDA of US$3 million .
it expects revenues of US$28 million for 2021.

purchase price of AgriFORCE is around US$29 million cash and stock.

AGRI has now a mk cap of onlu 45.5mil. with this purchase and AgTech`s added fundamentals, and using also the fibonacci extension tool, my place target for AGRI short term is 11.20usd

I`m looking forward to read your opinion about it.