Airbus to literally FLY? LONG

Airbus seems to have reattached its wings and started to sort itself out.

We can see that Airbus has been following a rather dull yet certainly apparent trendline as it attempts to pull itself out of its miserable slump. The price has now taken off of this trendline and is pushing hard up towards the target marked onscreen.

Whilst not visible, the price is also positively sitting on the 200MA. This is a good indication to follow that Airbus is starting to pull out of its recent lows. This is also a good indication that the average is being maintained, which is very helpful when idicating whether the price will continue to rise or if we just have a short pump (in this case, it is the former).

We are gunning for the $72 range, making this trade a nice hold for both the short term and medium term. I would expect this to take no longer that 10 days (two trading weeks). However, bear in mind that the markets are indeed closed for 4 days starting the 1st May.

Let's see how this one pans out.

Order cancelled: Just for general consideration, this trade actually made me much more profit from its open than I first anticipated. I closed this upon upon open, bagging around 50% gains. The main target is still intact, though.