Not going to be seen as a safe investment for a while yet for sure no one traveling Businesses will Zoom more Travelers won't want to travel if they run the chance of being Quarantined for 14 days each way i see then dropping to 90c

Intrinsic Value is $2.16 but that was based before Corona.

Candles Indicate Selling pressure has entered Return to previous Level Zone is still making Lower Highs

Financially they are sound as a NZ Dollar but Profit Margins only 3% not much Earnings have been dropping each year since 2016 really

Thats my Opinion but the Market often doesn't make sense keep an eye on all companies for the next runner Super Funds pick on 1 or 2 and run them up then often drop them just a as quick.
Comment: Air Travel Stuffed

Will air travel ever recover?


Intrinsic Value 2020 $1.29 now
Intrinsic Current Yr $1.35
This didn't age well.
NZ_Shareman Sneekaboo
@Sneekaboo,Yer who would have ever thought Air lines would have had to go through all this palava, Nightmare.

: )
Sneekaboo NZ_Shareman
@NZ_Shareman, Once the states get a hold of COVID there'll be another free for all. Quick money to be had methinks.
News they were laying off 2000 more staff and restructuring for better Company
Total Jobs Cut 6000 omg