OTC:AITX   Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc
Super rough draft of AITX . Just my thoughts rough handing it. Im going to do a dive, use all the tools and try to find all the trends plausible. Its always that one hidden trend you dont see that can make the difference. These market makers, institutions and whales already have the benefit of money, the minimum one can do is limit there element of surprise, prepare for the worst and ride the wave. From only a year trading 6 months I quickly learned how important the charts are. All the lick of news dosent change a thing if you ask me it seems like the charts the charts predict the news. Call me crazy but I swear charts will show something on the brink of making a move. Take bitcoin for a example. It was so over bought right around 58-60k the mac is telling me its coming down and all of a sudden all the corruption kicks in wether it be the hash rate power, whether it be the tax bill being blasted on every outlet when having no real meaning at the time as we can see now. The contract options expiring, the statement that some exchanges are going to be served felony charges. All these played a part in the first price fall that was forseen by many and exaggerated on both sides with something to gain. So i ask this, are these algorithms left behind from mankinds most brilliant as tools for prediction. Are tyey actually predicting the events to come in a little way. And if so as we progress and technology progress will we be able to predict the future kinda like a minority report. Maybe im just to stoned and its something as simple as the corruption already being baked into a the data seeing that the data is no really affecting it. Check back at the charts when we had the corona flash crash on the market itself. If you zoom out you can clearly see that that dip was going to happen just as it had before. It ts just the other time that it wasn’t corona or the time before that. All the mirco dips that line up on the crashes. Id like to believe there is something goin on that cant yet be explained but im sure someone got a simple answer. I was just telling my friend a joke that all fortune tellers just now how to read charts lol. They just check the usd index matched whatever currency is the hot topic, dominant or in a struggle and the charts will sing to a them. I low key want to write a volume based on currency wars. Following nations currency's paired to one another such as USD/ CYN or USD/GBP or whatever, its endless. From there i want to get the life data of the pairs and have the charts tell the stories. What made the chart move the way it did, not what would have happend if those events did not happen. For instance checking USD/ CYN you can clearly see CYN setting on a critical support level some might say economic crushing if broke. Right up untill covid hit getting the bounce they needed to save the economy. Not saying this happened, but like i was saying earlier ether the manipulation is already baked in or there is something beyond what we conceive. And I think if its not something beyond or control, such as what I call the Trend. Then the chart was manipulated. Because following the trend up untill corona hit eveything said the CYN matched to the USD was about to dramatically collapse. Which would have been horrible world round. People say American first ya I understand but if a whole country goes under that the rest of the world get 90% of there crap from we could have seen a situation like the housing market crash of the 2008 where the debt of another collapses all of it. Like the that but the on a world wide scale. I dont know just my stupid conspiracy.

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