Acropolis - Upward trend. AKRO/USDT

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Hello dear friends. Acropolis under consideration.
1 candle - 1D TF.

Has been recruited by a major player for over 76 days.
An exit from the accumulation zone took place and provoked an impulse upward movement.
At the moment, the coin is consolidating in a whip, tapering wedge .
Follow the trend and the levels that are shown on the chart.
You don't need to invent anything. Since the coin is pump / dump.
The exit from the wedge will show the way - whether the uptrend will continue or not.
This Channel is not financial advise, It's My opinion and My observation: @opptrade

Dear friends, traders.
My trading ideas here are not financial advice or coercion into action. I am not responsible for your trading and how you follow all aspects of correct trading.
- I do not recommend that you trade AT ALL if you do not know what risk management is, money management.
- I do not recommend that you trade without a STOP LOSS.
- And I'm not responsible for your "make millions of dollars fast" gag
- I am only showing you the charts that suit me for certain positions.
- For each position - RESPONSIBILITY LIES ON YOU.
If you don't use all of the above, your deposit will soon become $ 0
- Therefore, if you decide to follow my positions - Take responsibility for where the bad outcome may be.
In time, i to bee wrong too, and have a loss.
But with the correct observance of the indicated points, which trade with me others traders - they earn (NOT IN A DAY, but in the medium, long term)
I am only showing you how this or that scenario can work in trading.
For all your actions, only you are responsible.
💠💠💠I am not a scammer and I am concerned about your trade.💠💠💠