BINANCE:ALGOBTC   Algorand / Bitcoin
I'm a big fan of learning and copying the pros in order to adapt and create your own style. Work in progress so far. One thing i've been playing with is 4hr bull divs . So far these have been ok, taken the idea from how Scott Melker plays them (mainly on BTC ). Think on Alt pairs these bull divs downfall can often be due to BTC movement. So I'm incorporating some of Trader Mayne's strategy for altcoin breakouts.

Basic idea is to look for a bullish structure on the BTC chart first before entering a long. So here looking at the Algo BTC pair it is clearly sill in a downtrend (for the time being). ETH and the Alt market are looking strong right now, and Algo has also printed a 4hr bull div on the BTC pair.

What I'm planning to do is look for higher highs & higher lows on the BTC pair forming after this bull div , and if it also manages to reclaim the purple line then time to get into position. Will post an update with the zone I'm looking at if i'm not at the shops or putting the toddler in a bath at the time that happens.