#ALGOUSD. Get ya shorts on, or get get caught naked.

KRAKEN:ALGOUSD   Algorand / U. S. Dollar
Have you already shorted ALGOUSD today? If not, take a nice cup of coffee , get up (or the other way around), wipe your eyes and set a short on it.


Time has come. That's why. We're at the end of a massive pump. ALGOUSD RSI (1d) has been as high as today only 4 times in its lifetime, and 3 out of 4 were excellent shorting opportunities, and the 4rd with 25% down still a good one.

If you're risk lover, wait it 'till the price crosses the 0.768 fib line. But don't wait too long - tomorrow around six you could be late. If not the price moves under the current short term trend line even before.

Of course, this is not a trading advice, just my private analysis as well as a text for entertainment purposes.
Trade active: Yeah, this one was a blast, and is still on the desk. If you entered a short on the day I wrote this, you would have made 31,4% gains up to date, and counting. Just imagine trading this with a margin ...

Did you trade it? Give me a comment and a +1 :-)
Trade active: Next opportunity now. I'd put another bag into this if I was not fully in ETH yet :-)