ALGO/USDT : Breaking out the trendline !

BINANCE:ALGOUSDT   Algorand / TetherUS
Hello everyone 😃

#ALGO has formed a descending triangle , The movement is marking to be bearish by the current bearish trendline .
But there is an attempt to break above the trendline, Also after any correction to FIB's level; EMAs will support the movement and it should pullback from that points..
Have to mention that Volatility is being bullish too !

So there will be two bullish scenarios :
- Break above the trendline at current point and volatility cause another bounce by the bullish crossover
- Retest on lower EMAs and pullback from the support zones which has been merged with FIB's levels.

📚 Targets are mentioned on the chart, Potential +70% growth after a correction on FIB's levels !

🔴 We might face more FUD news as #BTC is approaching the 50K's resistance again, So manage your risks and don't engage more than 4% of your portfolio on ALTs.

Attention: this isn't financial advice we are just trying to help people on their own vision.

Have a good day!
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