15M TF>>>>

Algo made a potential shark pattern (yellow) and a small cypher pattern inside the shark one. (green). Possibly, the price could go down to certain levels to finish the D of both patterns.
This is a quick TA so manage ur risk properly.

Entry around 1.88-1.90
SL - 1.9150
TP - 1. 85-1.82, 1.78, 1. 74
Trade active: I forgot to update here yesterday but i did in my TG channel. So,
UPDATE 2: After hitting our TP 1, It made a reversal as per completing the small cypher pattern and went up til 1.96 lvl which hit our SL for those who didnt TP at 1.5lvl. I made an adjustment and the price could still go down to 1.78 lvl to complete the D of the 2 patterns cypher (yellow) & shark (green)
Trade closed: target reached: ALL TP TARGETS ARE HIT CONGRATS THO
Trade closed: target reached