AMC is going to ATH

NYSE:AMC   AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc
On my graphic you can see my point of view. Feel free to ask questions in comments.

Going to 26 USD, then I will close a half of my position.


close half at such a cheap rate when it's got momentum. you chart nerds really don't understand a movement so you? this goes beyond $100 easily. but hey go ahead and sell, you'll be the one kicking yourself in the end.
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mindreedah jcolburn7
@jcolburn7, they must not be following the reddit forum. The movement is much bigger than 26 per share.
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Daka2020 jcolburn7
@jcolburn7, Rocket to 1000 usd!!!!
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There all time high is $35 tho?
Your support line is a resistance line that has just recently tested a flip to support. I expect it will need to either consolidate or bounce a time or two for that area to confidently become a zone for a breakout.
Why do you have Targ at 26? it's only been as high as 22 and that was Pre Covid
Daka2020 Eggo4u
@Eggo4u, it was 26