AMC - Mental Strength - Must have when investing

NYSE:AMC   AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc
The last 3 days have been mental warfare. Don't ever look at anything from a single vantage point. This is what I believe the strong move to the upside was for, so we will begin to close. Add the CM_WILLLIAM_VIX_FIX to your indicators. Next time you think a stock is being held down, watch the bar indicator light up green. See video for referenc. Enjoy and follow !


The vix fix is a pretty damn good indicator.
CHART_GUYY gencollado
@gencollado, it is pretty good. I mainly use it to identify price manipulation.
You're right about the point that price action regarding $AMC does not reflect the actual fundamentals that AMC currently has. What's interesting about this mini-short squeeze is that the trader psychology in this case shifted much quicker than before; when $GME soared toward $500 on average per share.
CHART_GUYY GSSanchez9889
@GSSanchez9889, YEAH, but when GME soared, it was due to covering short positions. The amount of short positions justified the moves to the upside. 140% short vs AMC 20 percent. I’m interested to see what AMC pushes to when they finally decide to stop bleeding money