AMC settled at $37 as predicted

NYSE:AMC   AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc
The trading volume was cut in half today and the steam is out. Even though the Call Put Ratio dropped to 0.66 today, which means for every CALL Option out there are 0.66 PUT Options out there. But we also see that 90% of the trades today were all within a one week horizon.

Gamblers. Just put your money there and leave the table.
The bank takes it all.

There are about 168,000 Put options to expire this Friday and about 262,000 Call option. I also will say that when a Call option goes one Dollar into the money, there will be no profit for the option holder. Very little if at all.

The huge Call option Barrier is at $40. about 35,000 contracts the Market Maker do not want to pay out and hence they will try to keep the price below that. Remember the Market maker also makes money when your calls actually go into the money. They have their positions covered, they bought the stock, the underlaying. When the call goes up and get sold back to the MM, the MM sells the shares for a higher price. He makes money on commissions and wins on the slippage. If the option expires worthless he gets the commission, no slippage but holds the stock. When you start buying Calls on Monday the Market maker already has the stock at hand

There are also about 22,000 Put option sitting at the $40 level. All of them will expire and since the Call options numbers are bigger it is less risky for the Market Maker to stay below $40. And even at 38 or 39 Dollar closing price tomorrow there is nothing lost with the Put options that are one Dollar in the money!

Thus my prediction is the price will stay at the $39 level and might slide to 38 by the end of the trading day.

And all of this depends if the apes can get their money together and chip it all in to run the price up so that their other bros can profit from it. But in the market everybody is your enemy. Dont wait for help. And today, after two strong trading days on Tuesday and Wednesday, the trading volume dropped by 50%. This is an indicator to me that the Market Maker are ready for the battle and have an excessive amount of shares. They didnt have to load up today. Their guns are full of powder. They will haven even more on Monday, which they will sell to the market and drop the price slowly.

The biggest mistake the Ape Army is doing betting on short terms. To the Moon, Bro!! All on board. if you follow the Option exchange then you would know that all those bets are gambler bets. Short term. They go off in smoke in a week.

Next week so far, there will be about 10,000 call option sitting at the $40 level and about the same amount at the $50 level. Thats it. Very little.

And there are 6,500 Puts sitting at the $20 Level, which might be insurance , married Puts. They have a 2 months expiration left.

Lets see Monday and lets see how it works out tomorrow.
Unfortunately I cannot attach any images. Though, that means do your own research.