NYSE:AMC   AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc
Day ended with morning star candle 80% bulish reversals


That's not a morning star. It's a shooting star. Usually means beginning of a bearish downtrend at a TOP. But when this candle appears after bouncing, it usually means a pullback to hard support is coming. That hard support is the 35-37 level. Does not necessarily mean we are going to start a new bearish trend
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Citadel Connect is keeping the price down by algorithmic buying and selling. But AMC will moon soon. Hold definitely.
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shooting star maybe?
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AMC is dead. Possibly could touch 49-52 and then its a collapse down to the floor.
@THE_1_PERCENT Do the DD. People are saying dead all the time but we are still up like crazy
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relievedEnthus17401 THE_1_PERCENT

We are ready to buy more lol. Short it and lose money !
Amc will go to the moon !
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I think today we should have ran to $50 easy but dirty shorts are aggressive with there selling tactics and spooked everyone with made some fomo hesitant to jump in.
looks more like a evening star