AMC to the Moooon. Apes stonk together!

NYSE:AMC   AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc
For the first time in history, the average Joe can make a real fist against the financial system. In 2008 there where a lot of financial companies who were bailed out and lots of average Joe's had to pay the bill. The wound is still open, the debts were real, the houses they had to left, were real, the cars they had to live in, were real. Their PAIN is REAL.

It's never bin more obvious as it is right now, you can feel it, the time for revenge is NOW. They are united in achieving their goal.

This is not only for the possible gains, it is about showing the world the financial system is corrupt and our governments have to do something about it.
Trading via Dark Pools was created to protect the market, now it's mostly used to move the price in the direction they want.
Shorting a company was created to get too much air out of the price of a stock, now it is used to demolish companies only for their gains.

It's time the wealth get more equally distributed over the people.

No financial advise, but I love this movement and this stonk.
Diamond Handed Apes stay strong!