AMD levels to watch going in to 1/10/22

NASDAQ:AMD   Advanced Micro Devices Inc

$AMD - watching for a break over 136.34 or break under 130.77.

Trading under its 50 MA, and its 12/26 EMA
12 EMA just crossed under 26 EMA

Well above its 200 MA (macro uptrend)

1/7/22: BTO/STO option trades on premiums >100k = bullish . Volume on the 130p and 140c.

Lots of OI on the 150c\1 35p - watch for changes in these

Local support at 132.01 - created on Nov 4, tested on Dec 14, confirmed on Jan 7

AMD closed on 1/7 at 132.00

If AMD breaks below 130.77 = consider bearish trades
If AMD breaks above 136.34 = consider bullish trades