AMD attempting bullish elephant

BATS:AMD   Advanced Micro Devices Inc
I like the rejection potential off 99.54 or close, I like the buy potential off the support trend, however, it's fairly weak, so I like the support line of 96-94 even more.

Once that green trend breaks, sell the retouch if you don't get out in time.
Once that red trend breaks buy the retouch, it should jump from there and see a nice gain. Id bet it lines up with earnings.
Red trend line heading down is fairly strong. Expect a drop should price hit it.
Well, we got the run-up. I'd look short soon. It's likely there is a quick double bounce from this huge impulse and that should reject just above our 103 line, and pretty much right at our red trend line. Once the rejection off that line occurs, we can favor the bearish position until another trend is picked up.
We got the movement that we wanted, which was the rejection off 103-104, and it took us to 99. I'd expect to see the tail end of the drop occur tomorrow AM, but idk if that will happen in reality. I'm still eyeing it dropping to like 96 and catching support, but I'm not entirely sure how high that bounce will really take the price. Potentially only back to 100.

When we break over red trend line and confirm the top side of the trend, fully bullish to 140. Until that red trend breaks, long term projection still favors bears to 77.
Confirmation at 102.95 likely takes us up to 109-114. As we trade on indicators and trends vs emotions. Bullish movements are now favored. HOWEVER, there will definitely be retracements.

I'll try to get a new chart for the higher movements, but essentially
MAYBE 140-144.

watch for downside when these numbers start to hit on big pumps.

I assume we top out on earnings or very close.
We got the move to 109, we could easily see a top out tomorrow morning and then a retracement down to 102ish, but it's hard to say right now. Just be careful on this short term pump.

Sharing this short term chart that I've been building. This is a short term trading chart. If I was short AMD rn, i'd be a little scared. There will definitely be short term/day trades on short positions but makes sure you take those profits quickly.
Be ready for a pump. It should be early this week, should we see it.
Bullish elephant trunk pattern just landed on massive support heading into earnings. expect some resistance at 103, IF it can climb over the new down trend, expect the bullish movement to continue. However, it's more likely we might see a rejection and path that has tech retracing, which takes the price to like 77.

Bullish elephant trunk pretty much complete.
Tomorrow could honestly pump and top out around 114.
I'd recommend a new chart, this one is a bit outdated now, and will be the final update.


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