GANN Theory Finally Completed Strategy

I took a couple of months off to read a book i found on Amazon on Andrew Gann the inventor of GANN theory. After finishing his article i theorized that it could be transformed in these modern times. This will a Membership to perform, Alerts mean allot to people that want to automate the thought process behind this. Please note that i am not a paid person posting this, i been trading for 16 years ever since i graduated from High School, I went to college to understand Pattern Recognition. Believe it or not there is a pattern to every aspect of our Lives.

I have the MTF Support and Resistance from Annan Set to Daily.
Poor Mans Volume Profile ___ this is critical for plotting the GANN BOX onto the Charts with little to no thought process.
To plot the GANN BOX (not the GANN fix Box or the GANN angles) You are taking the Gann Box Placing it on the Poor Mans Volume Profile DAILY chart . For an Uptrend you go UP 2 and right 2, you'll understand when you plot it. For Down Trend down 2 right 2. Sideways (rangebound) oddly special one. Up 1 Right 2 Down 1 Right 2. When your plotting on the charts LOCK the Gann on the chart. I use Daily Right 2 because i set it at the beginning of the MONTH and its good for until the NEXT month. you set alerts on the GANN FIB LINES. (ENTRYS) BASED... If you are having issues with plotting this LET ME KNOW... its gets very automated when you plotting it. The Poor Mans Volume Profile takes the calculations out of the picture.
Posting a picture of the Points your going up or down 2.
How you Plot it on the Poor Mans Volume Profile . last step is to LOCK it on the Daily CHART .
Alerts need to the be set on the 2 of the Gann Lines. ( set to Crossing ) Subscription premium allow you to set an unexpired alert. If you want to Swing with this strategy. You have to do something different by Anchoring on the Weekly and trading on the 30 min or 1hr you can swing with this. But as yourself are you going to swing or are you going to Day-trade this.

Stop loss is a very touchie subject that everyone should think about doing... Personally i use 4 different methods Count 5 bars back, last Swing point, or Halfway between the two fibs of entry. if i am feeling lucky just on the other side of the Fib Entry point. * the Lucky part of this one is if it goes bad you have a very LOW LOW risk of loosing allot of hard earned capital. Generally I will use the 5 bars back method.

CM- Slingshot set to Conservative.

Next 2 will be the Exits on the Trades and Indicators to take the Trade.
DYNAMIC RSI - DRSI for short just tweak the color on this one, from DreadBlitz. ____
MTF RSI from Chris Moody 14 70 30 D D 30 ___ set a color where you can see the MidPoint.

NOTE: When Entering you are looking at the Chart___ when it crosses the GANN FIB line. after the Bar completes, look at the DRSI and MTF RSI midpoint cross. (after the Cross has Happen and you can Confirm it on both u can now Enter the Trade.)
The exit point is when the DRSI goes Solid Filled color, secondly this effect will be happening on the MTF RSI .

I take all of my trades on the 15min timeframe with an Anchor on the Daily Chart . Anchor meaning MTF MTF MTF MTF all of them are set to the daily. I want to make thoughtful readings based on the Daily Overall proceedings of the market direction.

Comment: Sorry for the images being out of Order the Second Image in the Feed is actually my first one that should be in the one up top.

the Shown Image is actually the Alerts