AMEX:AMPE   Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Ampio Pharmaceuticals exists for over 10 years now.
The science behind its leading drug is solid.
There were many trials - in none any safety concern rose.
Most promising indication is OAK and arthritis in general.
Phase-3 results are due to late September. In the last confernece management had clearly stated this timeline.
Other than that, the drug showed potential for treating Covid and its currently in phase-2 trials.
Management stated they are working with the FDA on a EUA , though no clear timeline or exacy details were provided.
Stock price is highly manipulated with high short/float ratio.
In addition the company uses an open ATM for finance reasons. Although, as per to last reports, it has enough cash to operate until end of 2022.
Company is now starting to sell over-the-counter cream based on its drug and plan to spin-off a new company based on this cream. This cream showed amazing results for treating burns, eczema and other skin-related problems.
Instituional share of holding went up in last 6 months with many big names increasing their holding by substential rates.
There were talks with big pharma , no excat details were shared.

Stock price will be 10$ and north in the coming 6 months.
That is a 7-8X position for the longs.