NYSE:AMPY   Amplify Energy Corp

Hey, traders.
Yesterday in the last minutes, the SPY gave up and failed to consolidate above 313.1.
It means that shorts can work well today.
Nevertheless, I have chosen both shorts and longs for today's trades.

The first paper for the AMPY short.
What's on a chart:
1. Strong mirror level 1.5.
2. The level is reinforced by a round number.
3. Sold all growth.
4. The pressure is formed with an accumulation of position.

Safe scenario:
Entering the shorts after the breakout and fixing under the level.
Protective stop order is placed above the level.

Aggressive scenario:
Without waiting for the price to fix we place a Sell Stop order in advance and wait for the break-down.
We place the security SL order above the level.
Perhaps the first SL will be triggered, we will need to enter the position again after the first false breakout.

Trade closed: target reached: outstanding trade!