Aemetis “Carbon Zero” Supported by $16.8 Million

NASDAQ:AMTX   Aemetis, Inc
Aemetis “Carbon Zero” Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency Upgrades Supported by $16.8 Million of California CEC and Utility Grants

Estimated $18 Million Per Year of Increased Net Income ($0.75 Earnings Per Share)

AMTX ) announced that its “Carbon Zero” biofuels production process has received a total of $16.8 million of solar energy and other energy efficiency grants to fund upgrades of the Keyes, California plant to support the production of zero carbon renewable fuel.

The award of a combined $16.8 million of California Energy Commission and Pacific Gas & Electric energy efficiency programs to fund the ‘Carbon Zero 1’ biofuels plant reflects government and utility industry support for our mission to reduce greenhouse gases

These Carbon Zero plant upgrades at the Keyes plant are an integrated part of producing below zero carbon biofuels from agricultural waste wood.

The Carbon Zero 1 plant renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades include funding and other support from the California Energy Commission, the USDA, the US Forest Service, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and PG&E.