The most viewed retail stocks on TradingView

Now that New York Fashion Week’s over, we decided to have a dig about in our data to see what interest retail stocks have been creating recently. Turns out – as lockdown measures have eased – TradingViewers have been looking to buy the dips in ecommerce, luxury, and retail more generally.

We found that, perhaps unsurprisingly, Amazon was the most-enquired about retail stock in every US state between March and August. Meanwhile, Walmart, Alibaba, Shopify, Costco, Home Depot, Target and Lululemon were among the top five most popular retail stocks in nearly every state.
Our data team also found that nine high-profile US retailers enjoyed an average increase of 70% more enquiries on TradingView over the past six months – with Kohl’s (106%), Target (103%) and Levi’s (100%) the biggest gainers.

Bad news for runners though: enquiries about Nike stock only grew by 20% overall and actually fell by up to a quarter in some states like Ohio and Oregon.

In the luxury retail sector, Farfetch, the British-Portugese online platform, was the best performer, showing a HUGE 492% increase in American searches on TradingView between March to August. That’s far more than any other retail brand, luxury or otherwise.

Finally, interest in jewelry-maker Tiffany spiked in June following LVMH pulling out of its $16.2bn, takeover – touted as the biggest ever in the luxury sector – due to “tariff threats”. But the same cannot be said for LVMH itself, interest in which dropped by 56.1% across the six-month period.

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