"Return to Normal" Bubble Phase Complete - 70% crash has begun

In all bubble pops, after the initial pop, we have a large retrace where the media shills retail investors that everything is normal. "It was just a dip. New highs are incoming."

The "Return To Normal" phase, with expectations of epic gains in short periods of time. However, this is not the case.

Feel free to press play on this idea, posted January 15th:

The events unfolding in the world right now are not the cause of what is coming. The cause was obvious over the last two years. And myself and many others have warned of this. The events unfolding are merely an "explanation to retail investors" for what is happening. It is what you are to believe as reality. But the reality was written on the wall long long ago.

We will see 70% decclines in this assets from their bubble pop tops, followed by a large bounce that will go up 100% from the bottom of the bounce. Then, we grind down into oblivion, with these assets losing 85-90% of their value.

This will age well.
Comment: Chart says "Uptrending RSI" when it should say "Uptrending MACD".


Nice description.