AMAZON targeting $4300 once the accumulation is over.

Since the Subprime mortgage crisis, Amazon has been repeating a very distinct pattern. After every correction, it gets supported by either the 1W MA100 (green trend-line) or the 1W MA150 (red trend-line) and spends almost a year inside an accumulation zone. Once that's over, it targets the 2.0 Fibonacci extension from the bottom of the correction.

The chart is on the log scale of course, in order to capture and better illustrate these patterns throughout AMZN's immense growth. See how the Accumulation Phases have a similar LMACD pattern every time.

Right now the price has only rebounded on the 1W MA50, three times since March 2021. I believe that as it happened in 2015 and 2020, it needs to hit one MA50 period lower than the first that supported and the next in line is the 1W MA100. Once successfully completed, I expect the price to make again a 2.0 Fib leap which right now is just over $4300.

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fantastic analysis !!
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