AQB in Elliott wave correction?

NASDAQ:AQB   AquaBounty Technologies, Inc
AQB seems to reach the bottom and on its way up. Look like it is in an Elliott correction wave. Even if it drops it should be back up again since it should already pass the lowest point. 4 hr RSI does not reach overbought yet. ARK Cathie bought 8M shares twice at average $5.58 & $8.75. Under these conditions the bull should be on.

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Comment: AQB seems to be oscillating between 5.69 & 6.18. Now 21EMA seems to hold the price well. Again, I think its the matter of time that it break the previous top 6.22. Then the target is 6.45 & 6.73.
If it breaks down, it better be held at 5.69. Then a triangle pattern will be formed, and it still is a good sign. If it falls down below 5.69, Let's sell it and wait it to get to the bottom (5.46?) then pick it up again.