Acquires Exclusive Rights to Rare Earth Element Innovations

NASDAQ:AREC   American Resources Corporation
American Resources Corporation Acquires Exclusive Rights to Purdue University's Rare Earth Element Innovations, Critical for Clean Energy Technologies.

An environmentally safer method of rare earth and other critical material separation and purification using ligand-assisted chromatography for coal, coal byproducts, recycled permanent magnets and Lithium Ion batteries.

Announced that, with the addition of Hasler Ventures LLC, the Company has licensed ligand assisted displacement ("LAD") chromatography patents and knowhow to further expanded its capability in environmentally friendly separation and purification of rare earth elements.

These exclusive patents and technologies, developed at Purdue University, are specific to the processing of separated and pure rare earth metals and critical elements from coal byproducts, recycled permanent magnets and lithium-ion batteries.

Rare earth elements (REEs) include the 15 elements in the lanthanide series plus scandium ( Sc ) and yttrium (Y). They are essential ingredients for magnets, metal alloys, polishing powders, catalysts, ceramics, and phosphors, which are important for high-technology and clean energy applications. The global REE market is estimated at approximately $4 billion dollars and growing at 8% per year.