ARK/BTC Long Position

BINANCE:ARKBTC   Ark / Bitcoin
Theres not much to say about this.
Also apologies about the very crappy zoomed out chart it was the only real way to do it whilst showing you guys all the support touches at the same time.
We've come back down to a very very nice, very long well tested support. We should easily see a bounce here off a support this strong, I've tried to circle
all of the touches so you guys can see, but again sorry for the crappy zoomed out chart. We've started to see an increase in volume over the past few weeks
with ARK so hopefully that continues and we can have really nice solid bounce off this support.
Trade safe friends.
Trade active: After a week of up down movement we're still yet to have a nice bounce off support, still in the trading waiting to see a clear direction of movement.
Trade closed: target reached: I have fully exited my position at 15% profit.