Rolled: ARKK December 17th 135 Short Call to 114

AMEX:ARKK   ARK Innovation ETF
... for a 1.27 credit.

Comments: This is the short call aspect of a December 17th short strangle. I rolled the call side down on approaching worthless to cut net delta by about half. As a standalone trade, it's short delta, but that is offset by the short put aspect's long delta, so looked at holistically, it's more of a neutral assumption setup when you look at both the short call and short put as a unit.

I originally put on the short strangle for 3.04 (See Post Below) and had a price target to take profit when it reached 50% of that or at 1.52. I'm going to keep that profit target the same by entering a good until cancelled order to take profit for 1.52 (my original target) plus what I collected for the roll -- 1.27 -- or 2.79. Put another way, I've collected a total of 3.04 + 1.27 in credits or 4.31 and 4.31 minus 1.52 (my original profit target) equals 2.79.