ARK-K ETF Trendlines??? Steep trajectory after March 2020

AMEX:ARKW   ARK Next Generation Internet ETF
Ark Investments ETF's ARKQ ARKK ARKW ARKF ARKG all seen a steep increase in trajectory after the March 2020 market dip from the pandemic panic.
Here is a chart of ARK-K ETF with before and after Trendlines in Yellow... Notice the Steep increase in trajectory after March 2020...
These ETFs are Tech and Innovation heavy and we know tech has seen a boost since the "Lock Downs" due to people being home or working from home.
But technology companies are on the rise in money and power but the sudden divergence makes me wonder what else is at play, such as federal reserve
money printing and money injection. We aslo see similar trajectory increase for NASDAQ index as a whole as well.

What is creating this and is it a bubble perhaps a correction is due eventually?

Post comments below... I'll be searching for other ideas/charts on these posted below