$TSLA Elon Musk says " Buy Nickel" $ARRRF Next 10 X + GOLD

OTC:ARRRF   Ardea Res Ltd
I will keep this brief > Just wanted to give some bullets because like some of the 10 X ideas I have shared in the past I do believe
$ARRRF is on the verge of a massive breakout. I don't want to spend much time on TA but will say I do expect the stock to break the previous 1.60 area as improving fundamentals and resource appreciation can justify it. Stock is trading in the .30 handle right now so feel it has tremendous upside

Just wanted to get it out to community as quick as possible so you can do your own research .
If you like this idea or my past ideas I don't always post on Tview but for now I am on twitter > @TheNvsibleHand but twitter kind of sucks with its BS censorship, so will be there till we build the #newinternet powered by Bitcoin and Litecoin

We are heading into a age of electrification and nickel is a key ingredient in the batteries that power the electric cars

DD Notes
1. $ARRRF - Gold making a new high and nickel demand increasing , upside with a miner targeting Gold , Nickel-Cobalt, Nickel Sulfates
2. $ARRRF Ardea's total nickel and cobalt resource is 5.46 million tonnes
3. $ARRRF (via Heron's ex nickel resource ) has the world's third largest nickel resource , and the developed world's largest cobalt resource
4. GROSSLY UNDERVALUED currently with only a 32 Million market cap which with the increase demand for Nickel alone gives great upside here

'Please mine more nickel,' Musk urges as Tesla boosts production