NASDAQ:ASRT   Assertio Holdings, Inc
I've had people say that this go up and I am sure it will but in the context for short term. One month. It's going down I believe. I doubt it will even be a dollar by 3/19, should be around 45-60c at the worst or what it should be called is fair value.
Even with RSI , CCI , MA cross that maybe hit soon in the coming days, I just don't see ASRT beating the downturn market of the past two weeks and will continue until Senate passes Stimulus and with the bonds, positions unwinding.
I won't speak for ASRT long term but calls in March, bet we'll both bleed if you bought dollar calls
Comment: We saw ASRT went as low as .76, now sitting around .91 in after hours.

Stimulus Passed. 3/6/2021. So I expect stocks to go up and stabilize up again.
$1.46-$1.50 would by the next high to test to test the tops.
Comment: Yeah looks like my first assumption was right. It continued to drop
It's sitting at .52, .40-.60 is a fine price if you try to DCA
It looks like it should go into consolidation for a bit. Buying now wouldn't be awful at a DCA .52 but its true bottom looks to be .32-.36 from before the first pump, around .40 DCA would be ideal but TBH I am not currently in ASRT, But you if you want to hold short term 1-3 months, soon might be ideal