Cosmos ATOM 1D Cup & Handle


Exciting times for Atom fans with a potential huge run ahead after completing a near 6 month long cup and handle . $10.18 presents a small challenge but if momentum is swinging it will blow right through. The coin has a strong presence on Coinbase and other big CEX's with in-house staking offered, which will be particularly attractive to new entrants. I can't guess where this lands but I can say it has a smaller circulating supply than UNI and is half the price.

This is not investment advice and trading cryptocurrency is high risk.
Comment: Spectacular run so far
Trade active: Sers, wen moon?


There she goes!
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LoDoCrypto chrishanshew
@chrishanshew, so exciting!
Jemkie LoDoCrypto
@LoDoCrypto, Do you think we're looking at a 25+ price target? Volume is insane versus the past week
@Jemkie, yes it is. What time frame for $25? This is a daily chart, the pattern spans months, ATOM is in price discovery, and we're roaring at the beginning of a major bull market. I'd expect to see the pattern complete sometime near or after Valentine's Day. There's gonna be some retrace, this candle is absolutely massive and far beyond what the next upper BBand will be. But by EOM I would expect to see a wick or two pierce $30.

I'm very long on ATOM and entered to stake, so I don't have a personal price target for a trade.
AdonnisCRYPTO LoDoCrypto
@LoDoCrypto, So are you saying we could go above the $20 within the next two weeks? I am by all means hoping and expecting that.
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LoDoCrypto AdonnisCRYPTO
@AdonnisCRYPTO, Somewhat confident that will happen but we'd have to see how the next couple days playout. If today closes above $12 I think we'll see another big move up over the weekend. If I was trying to trade this on a 2W frame I'd target $15-$17 rather rather than where the ATH ends up settling at.

Personally, I'd prefer price consolidate around this level for a couple days which would give the indicators a chance to catch up and a floor to be established.
@LoDoCrypto, ur great maaaan