ATOM: long if bounces back

Shotokhan Updated   
Another requested TA: ATOM.

So I'm trying to mix a bit of SMC (the concepts I know) and classic retail trading (trendlines, volume etc...).

In this case retail trading suggests a long opportunity in case of retest of the breakout trendiline ends up in a bounce back. However the SMC requires a "spring", an inducement and the creation of a FVG to take a long in account. Mixing the two things, assuming I'm doing it right, it should be somethink like that I drawed on the chart.

On weekly it would make sense:
I suggest to use a wide SL so maybe don't use big amounts if you follow this set up. I've set an alert in case the trendline will be touched

Good luck
so far it seems to be following my idea, off corse the bounce happened when it was late night in my timezone.... ffs!
So far ATOM is moving more or less as I thought. I expect BTC to dump so we'll see if this will work out. Unfortunately my long plan wouldn't have worked out because my SL was too high and when I posted this it was 1st of March so I didn't foresee the mess with SVB and USDC.