Bearish Symmetrical Triangle

Hello Traders today i'm gonna analysis ATOM-USDT
A)We have now symmetrical triangle and now it's formed complete, and breakdown to the down side.
B)Candle already closed bellow symmetrical triangle, and now open new candle to the down side, and we can cleary see in symmetrical triangle diagonal support line,
and price breached this diagonal support and close to the down side, and this mean we have bearish triangle.
C)We have some support 3.8$ area, and if price can support this zone strongly we don't go down below 3.8$.
D)Other ways if we can't support 3.8$ area and sellers can push to the down side we going to 2.5$ area.
E)2.5$ it is the area which we measure symmetrical triangle target to determine.
Hope this is can help you for your TA, so if you agree with me hit the like bottom)))


I agree , I think support on 3.8 is major support, if 4,6 dasn't hold, we are going down .
odbash MCripto
@MCripto, thnx for comment