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Heres the game plan im gonna stick with and hope for the best. Obviously with head and shoulder patterns, upon breakthrough of the neckline, price should either decline, or increase (depending on if the structure is inverted or not) afterwards. What ive seen in a number of these patterns is that the formation would complete but then reverse back to the right shoulder’s low or high which is why i have put my tp at the neck line but if you have done your own analysis and are convinced it will shoot up through the neckline then you may adjust your tp accordingly - its also a conservative target in my opinion and helps with my greed lol!

Remember to always do your analysis if you would also like to enter this trade.. dont follow blindly!!

Comments and/or suggestions highly appreciated ☺️
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Might jump on this too
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Definitely think about extending your TP to 0.68500. The start of the head & shoulder pattern was at 0.68600. Price always retests the base when it’s a head & shoulder.
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@Charles-OW ahh you’re actually right - ill make a few adjustments. Thanks!🙏🏽
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