AUDIO/USDT Psychology. Accumulation. Distribution. Local fractal

One of many such cryptocurrencies whose price makes a huge profit from early accumulation. If you want to earn from a distance—buy and accumulate positions before the "promising crowd hype" or when working on similar instruments skillfully limit your potential losses.

Coin Market: Audius AUDIO

It's worth noting that a local fractal (the smart ones sell to the stupid ones) is forming in the distribution zone, which could potentially work (repeat). To sell it is necessary to make an "interest to earn" (to attract the less clever "traders"), in other words, waves to the growth of +500% on the secondary trends to attract attention. It is possible to make money on this, but with the condition of limiting potential losses. On such coins and at such values, it is rational to use stops, even at the "bottom" of the channel, if the price falls there.

It's worth noting that you shouldn't trade marginally (including shorting) on such coins with such liquidity and price. The liquidity allows you to manipulate both ways making margin calls.

Locally, this potential reversal zone looks as follows (the marker shows the direction of price movement).

Coin as an example. There are many of these. As a rule, people notice such coins when investors need to get rid of them rather than buy them.
Greed and people's cloned mental behavior do the trick. New market entrants buy, old market entrants sell and then buy at a higher price (typical hamster behavior) or wait for even higher profits.

Since people sometimes write to me asking me to consider such hamster coins when HYIP (the news "diarrhea" phase for selling promising coins) is going on, I decided to consider.

Again, make money on this by "trading local price movements". One must work as a trader and not buy because of news background, promising super profits in distribution and expecting "cosmic targets". You need to limit your losses from the start and not be greedy.

Coin as an example. The name of the crypto coin and the legend from the creators doesn't matter much. It's all the same and created for the same thing (earning from speculation).
Always when trading an old/new instrument, you need to understand where the accumulation is, where the distribution is. And also, where the price is in the main trend.
Comment: In the distribution zone (position reset), a local head and shoulders pattern has formed and reached the distribution support zone of 6.44. Local target -44% achieved. In total, the price has decreased by -74% since the reversal zone (from the pump peak -92%).

Clamping zone. Now the price is about +90% of the average set price, instead of the previous +666%.

Always be guided by where the distribution is, and where the accumulation is, do not succumb to the hype. Local reversal zones are shown on the chart.

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